Can we be radically optimistic in an Age of extreme chaos?

17 Jan 2019



More and more often, we’re being called to reflect on whether the brutal truth is more helpful or harmful.

I appreciate credible data that helps triangulate truth. Extinction Rebellion, the Yellow Vests and all value-based movements need the truth as a matter of principle. It's years of ignoring the truth that got us into this mess of converging crises in the first place. Taking meaningful action is premised on being as fully informed as one can be. We should welcome scientists and experts (like Guy McPherson, or otherwise) into this movement who are willing to share the truth. Surely, deluding ourselves is counterproductive.

Perhaps the real issue is, when we receive credible data, what is our response? One response must be to urgently transition through the grief that information elicits in us (fear, sadness, anger, wanting to blame someone, numbness...), and yet transcend our grief to conscious acceptance (to the degree that predominantly resisting unwanted reality energizes its persistence) and find the courage to none the less stand for its opposite: what is tika (right), pono (true, of integrity) and aroha (compassionate, understanding, loving). In a fractal universe where all possibilities exist (at least at the quantum level of the Unified Field), 'miracles' can still happen, despite what the external evidence and so-called 'facts' might say. Labels often get in the way.  But still, if we can't bring ourselves to 'hope', maybe we can believe in the idea that Life can still surprise us.

In other words, the need to act courageously in the face of chaos and uncertainty speaks to a critical spiritual (for lack of a better word) element required for popular people-powered campaign 'success' - and beyond. Because (thinking fractally again) there's a bigger picture going on here: we could recognize that the rise of such movements is a vital (and some might say inevitable) step in humanity's urgently-needed conscious evolution. To attain the reward of that next evolutionary level achievement, however, we’re invited (by the likes of indigenous traditional knowledge-holders, western healing experts and others) to consider that we must pass through a doorway of initiation. It’s not a physical doorway, but rather it’s a metaphysical veil to be found in the heart and mind, in consciousness. Perceiving truth (beyond what our limited physical five senses tell us), accepting things as they are (detachment), transcending grief about Life’s challenges and such is the way.  As Great Teachers through the Ages advocated, it’s always been the way. Ostensibly, most weren’t ready to listen then (for if they were, humanity would probably be in a better position today, lol!).  But I’m radically (maybe even insanely?) optimistic that humanity is ready to listen now.


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