The suicidal power of persistent false narratives in our time of climate crisis - one indigenous woman's reflections

18 Oct 2018



I just returned yesterday from a three-day United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-related indigenous peoples and ‘friendly’ States’ climate crisis mitigation/ adaptation meeting in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. 


Numerous important topics were hotly discussed and debated (the State representatives present mostly reserved comment on the more ‘controversial’ / radical items instigated by the indigenous representatives, because obviously Government mandates constrain what State representatives may officially say). Of those, all interconnected, several gave me pause for reflection, including:


  1. The latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Special Report on 1.5 Degrees is further evidence of what many experts have been warning for years now: that the World has missed the window of staying below 1.5 degree global average temperature rise (above pre-industrial levels), and is on target for an horrific 4 degree rise.  This means ongoing unimaginable human suffering, the end of civil society as we know it in the near term and, ultimately, the extinction of our human race - unless there is some miraculous benevolent intervention in the meantime (e.g. by extra-terrestrial technology).

  2. Indigenous peoples must call for an end the systemic violence and oppression of the dominant capitalistic economic operating system, and it’s various Life-destroying expressions, such as industrialised production of goods and services (underpinned by a perverse commodification/ financialisation of everything – most notably ‘sacred’ aspects of Nature like our water, atmosphere, land, forests, fisheries, genetic materials...) which externalises the of costs of production onto the environment and society (A.K.A. a form of subsidising private corporate profit-making), including extracting natural resources to the point of environmental devastation (i.e. ecocide/ species extinction and the obliteration of habitats necessary to support human life).

    • (Note most if not all societies based on indigenous peoples’ traditional values tend to be socialist-based and aligned with Nature’s Laws, so it was relatively easy for us to identify, and freely and frankly discuss, capitalistic economic dogma as a root cause of our climate crisis and other crises of humanity).

  3. A key priority must be to protect our fresh water sovereignty, as water is necessary for all life (e.g. a rise in average temperature has resulted in diminished winter ice accumulation in Bolivia’s mountains, so that the decrease of snow melt that ordinarily fills their rivers and re-charges their aquifers every spring/summer has now hit a critical – and in the case of some communities, life-threatening - low).  One community representative from another Latin American country specifically mentioned their campaign to stop chlorination of their water which they saw as unnecessary chemical contamination which gave decision-makers the convenient excuse to avoid addressing the root cause of their water security problem.

  4. A demand that Governments get their priorities straight (especially by the end of this next UN Framework Convention on Climate Change COP24, Poland, in December), and stop perpetuating the insidious and insane false narrative that the money doesn’t exist to fund all that is needed to give humanity this one fighting chance to radically mitigate and adapt to the worst-case climate crisis scenarios (humanity has only this one window left: if we miss it, humanity goes extinct).  All people must call Governments out for every time they say they don’t have the money to allocate towards Life-nurturing action, when it’s obvious that when Governments want to do anything (i.e. when they have the political will), they easily ‘magic up’ the money (because it’s just entering digits into a financial institution’s computer screen and inventing money out of thin air) – including:

    • Subsidising Life-destroying action like fossil fuel business and other industrial net Greenhouse Gas emitting actions;

    • Making more munitions and launching war campaigns (whether the agenda is imperialism, greedy resource extraction, to facilitate corporate and economic control of a country, for strategic military reasons, to ‘punish’ a State that seeks to break free from the powerful nations’ / capitalistic economic status quo system, or whatever);

    • Bailing out the ‘too-big-to-fail’ banks and ‘Wall Street’, and implement ‘quantitative easing’; etc.

Conference participants noted that Switzerland held a referendum in June to implement Sovereign Money (i.e. where the country prints its own money).  While insufficient support was secured for the proposition, it was still hailed as a success in terms of beginning the citizens’ journey of raising consciousness, understanding the truth about how money is really created, and ultimately freeing themselves from the insidious oppression of absolutely unnecessary debt-based money creation and, by association, the dominant capitalistic economic operating system that is driving our Planetary extinction.


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