Humanity on the brink of collapse: it's now or never to make our last stand!

1 Aug 2018



People, we need to exercise our Sovereignty, and take our country, and our World, back. This requires us to take more BOLD and STRATEGIC collaborative action in whatever way we can with other like-minded folks in that kaupapa, that movement, that campaign (whatever you want to call it).  Here’s what you do (don’t intellectualize it too much with your brain-mind, because the false Ego will talk you out of it – instead listen to your intuitive gut mind and emotional heart intelligence):


Make a conscious commitment to actively seek out and help mobilize The People - connect with other keen collaborators, and then follow ‘the signs’ and your instincts as to next action steps, whether it's (in no particular order):



1.  Begin now to talk with others about a strategy for the 2019 local body elections – consider Yourself a Candidate (but formulate a smart plan, because too many running on similar Life-nurturing, democratic values platforms risks cancelling each other out, allowing the ‘usual calibre of Life-destroying suspects’ to shoot the gap and get elected), or volunteer on a campaign Team, etc. Look beyond that to how you can help win the 2020 elections (the build-up has already begun).


2.  Engage in political lobbying:

  • Advocate with your elected officials values and policies that matter to you, hold them accountable;

  • Actively engage with and support political parties whose values align with yours – staunchly (but with an open-mind) own your values, then join with others to energize and expand your party’s influence;

3.  Vote, and do so in a well-informed, conscious way – and encourage others to consciously vote as well (if people resist this proposition, offer the following thoughts):

  • The pathological powers that claim to be would LOVE you (the precariat, poor and middle-classes who are feeling disenfranchised and who are losing trust in our democratic processes) NOT to vote. Don’t give them the satisfaction!

  • We get it: we understand that voting is simply helping to optimize a failed political space, and mitigate the worst effects of our so-called democratic system which is strewn with mechanisms that serve to actually DISEMPOWER We, The People! But:

    • It’s because of good citizens participating in elections that we’ve managed to stave off and delay the worst harms of insane, egoic political and corporate agendas. This has bought We, The People, time to gradually re-group/ mobilize and build a progressive, truly democratic, more caring, just and fair, Life-nurturing platform. But until we’re ready to forcefully implement that platform for ‘Good’ (i.e. until we launch the revolution – which I’m insanely optimistic is very soon!), we need to buy more time – so keep voting!

    • Consider the ‘belts and braces’ approach: voting on its own is necessary, but not sufficient, for a successful campaign. You need to see voting as just one tool in your kit – just like individual strands are weak, but together they make a strong rope, or just like it takes more than just a hammer to build a house.  See voting as just one action we must do to build a new free and happy democratic society – but then get busy with the other actions too, to reinforce your voting efforts.

    • Politicians, in New Zealand at least, still tend to move where a critical mass of civic pressure tells them to go. But as the political sphere becomes more corrupt (case in point, the USA) that correlation weakens (i.e. the gap widens between what the people actually want and what the politicians decide and ‘deliver’).  There is plenty of evidence to show that our political system is shadowing where the corrupt USA has headed. So before it gets any worse for us, and while voting can still influence politicians – vote!

  • Think about it logically for just a moment: there’s actually no such thing as ‘not voting’.  Statistically, the precariat, poor and middle-classes are declining in voting numbers.  But guess what their absence at the polls actually does?  It strengthens the status quo position, i.e. the agendas of the rich and wealthy who tend to vote more! If you want to offset their agenda, you need to vote!

  • It only takes a few minutes of your Life once every three years – and there are ways you can vote in New Zealand to avoid waiting in queues at the polling booths on the day.  So, get over yourself, people!

  • Our tūpuna, our ancestors, our family and friends, our loved-ones, fought two World Wars, and in too many cases gave their lives to defend Democracy - including our right to participate in elections of our parliamentary representatives. Honour their sacrifice. Vote.

  • Wouldn’t you rather an orderly revolution by a transparent process of inclusive citizens’ polling (supported by other peaceful citizen civic action), rather than a comparatively chaotic and potentially dangerous revolution out on the streets? Vote!



4. Stand for school Board of Trustees, with an intention to positively transform the curricula content so it’s fit for purpose – i.e. so students are empowered with the knowledge and wisdom to go forward and boldly and effectively lead our communities and our nation in the face of all our converging crises.


5.  Share useful and empowering information with others wherever the opportunity arises.



6.  Seek out where and how you can collaborate with others to strengthen your ‘environment’ - yourself, your home, your village, your community, your town, your city (and/ or beyond) in areas required to live a dignified, healthy, free, happy life – or at this point, even just to ensure your and their survival. Think in terms of ‘security’ and integrity of such necessities – e.g. mental, emotional and spiritual strength; diverse biodiversity and ecological systems; clean air, water and soil; constructive interpersonal relationships; an economy that delivers equitable distribution of wealth; a democracy that’s meaningfully responsive to the will of The People…(and more – you get the gist: the collection of United Nations human rights Treaties and other instruments are a good place to understand all these areas, your rights and the State’s/ Government’s and business and industries’ obligations relative to them.  There are also now a number of commentaries that offer guidance on climate crisis mitigation and adaptation action – e.g. the Drawdown ranked action list).


So, what are you waiting for?  Get moving!


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