Thought you had a handle on reality? Be prepared for a shock this 2017!

21 Apr 2017


Get ready to question everything you were told in ancient world history class, because conventional beliefs on the subject are now coming under some serious fire.


More recent archaeological evidence (like that of Göbekli Tepe, Turkey; or ancient Sumeria) suggests that, over the Ages, humanity’s been through a waxing and waning of highly evolved civilizations on Earth which pre-dates Stonehenge, the Egyptian Pyramids and other more well-known sites, by at least tens of thousands of years.   


But as if that wasn’t earth-shattering enough, archaeological remains at these locations point to incredible cosmological knowledge, and a range of technologies used in these ancient societies which were far superior to what any society knows of today. 


Furthermore, narratives embedded in these artefacts also tell of visitations by extra-terrestrial Beings, some of which settled on Earth and integrated into communities which existed here at the time.  Many ancient traditions, faith-based narratives (of Christian, eastern and other origins) and indigenous knowledge speaks of such ‘off-worldly’ visitations, some of which are speculated to have resulted in a mixing of the genetic material between the different races.


Meanwhile, back in the current day, reputable high level military and intelligence agency whistle blowers (in the USA in particular) are providing testimony regarding alien visitations and energy production and transportation technologies that leave our combustion-based and even renewable energy systems for dust.


This April 2017 will see the disclosure of further compelling evidence regarding Free energy suppression, illegal UFO secrecy, and Government cover-ups.  This compilation of compelling data will push the boundaries even further about the origins of our human species, different political, military and deep state forces which have for decades lied to and misled the public, and the implications for our current state of geo political and environmental crises.


Be prepared to feel outraged. And then exercise your right to demand answers. 



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