Pre-emptive strike needed re disturbing neurological changes in children

18 Apr 2017

My radar as a school Board of Trustee member is sensitive to situations affecting the wellbeing of our children. For example, recognizing that human psychology is hugely complex, when we note a few of data points it indicates an emerging situation that needs more attention:

  1. Research reveals human intelligence may be decreasing (I note there are different kinds of intelligences besides purely academic, but for now let’s just accept this is an indicator that we need to be aware of);

  2. there is a correlation between an “alarming” increase in learning disabilities of children in the US and their exposure to toxins, including lead, pesticides and vaccinations;

  3. Learning disabilities are often associated with increased tendencies for violent behaviour and other developmental, fertility, neurological and physiological changes.

  4. According to senior educators, New Zealand is approaching an epidemic of violent behaviour among a critical threshold of school students.

Now, the reasons behind the learning disabilities and violence are varied and complex.  All I’m saying is that we can’t let complexity stop us from taking action SOMEWHERELet’s recognize that human – especially children’s - exposure to toxins is but one cause of neurological degeneration.  And if we know harmful pesticides are one source, let’s work to eradicate it, for the sake of our innocent kids.



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