So what if what we want isn't what we need?

10 Apr 2017


Requests to the Universe often produce peculiar results!

How many times is what we THINK we need what we ACTUALLY need, for our highest good?

Take me for example: until some years back, I practiced tarot card readings.  It was very fulfilling, but pretty low-key: I’d use them to get personal insights, help family or friends, and otherwise volunteer my services at healers’ gatherings around the country.

However, one day the thought occurred to me (rightly or wrongly) that as a physical tool, the cards limited my potential to help people: sometimes when a person needed help, my cards were somewhere else.  And at any rate, I could only help one individual at a time.  So, one day, I asked the Universe (in the context of my healing work) to help free me from the limits of any particular tool such as tarot cards – or ANYTHING for that matter – and just use my own personal assets: my emotional intelligence, my electro-magnetic energy field, intuition, mental faculties, my body (one can always do with a smile and a wave!), that sort of thing.

If I’d thought about it more at the time, I would’ve realized that I went a bit overboard.  This probably wasn’t the most balanced request I could have made.  Because, fast-forward to today: I’m sharing ideas with countless more people due to the wonders of internet technology and infrastructure, and hardware like a laptop.  Sometimes I have to jump on a plane to attend a conference where I can deliver my message in person.  

So how is using tarot cards any different from using the instrument of a computer or a plane?  I originally asked to ditch all “tools”, but I somehow ended up trading one apparatus for another!  Fortunately for me, things turned out well: I’ve since reached more people, and am (I believe) more positively impactful on the world than I was doing individual card readings (obviously folks also go on to do great work with tarot cards. This is just my personal experience).  It’s even led me to a whole new exciting world of online education, creative expression and business development (never saw any of THAT coming!).

“Ask and You shall receive”: How much should we focus on getting our choices ‘right’?

Of course, we should be mindful about making ‘good’, informed decisions in life.  But let’s face it: our transcendent spiritual perfection aside, humans are imperfect.  Just consider the insane Egoic monkey mind, or our limited physical senses of perception which only detect an infinitesimally tiny array of data compared to what actually exists ‘out there’. 

So it stands to reason that sometimes we’re going to get our ‘facts’ wrong, misjudge situations, and make sub-optimal choices.  Knowing this truth, we may as well be OK with it (it’s not like we can change it, right? So why fret over things outside our control?).  Certainly, obsessing about making perfect choices will just lead to disappointment!  Rather, it pays to focus on striking that balance between two things: first, taking responsibility for exercising our own free will (which we do have control over); and second, accepting that forces outside of our control and constantly at play will sometimes produce unforeseen results which are ultimately in our best interests (even if we resist or are unable to perceive it at the time).  That latter point should also help us manage our expectations about outcomes and more easily surrender to them.  Case in point: the Universe delivered on my request (mentioned earlier) differently than how I’d asked for it (thankfully - or else I may not be typing this blog today on this computer, right?).

Embrace the paradox!


Bottom line: the brilliant news is that, having fashioned us with free will, the Creator must respect our sovereignty. However, the ‘yin’ to that ‘yang’ (so to speak) is that, by respecting our free will, the possibility must also exist that the Universe facilitates the manifestation of our sometimes unenlightened decisions!  Just attempting to imagine how the Infinite Omnipotent Intelligence reconciles, in all its complexity, these two apparently opposite values in its endless cycle of creation, ever working towards our highest good – mindblowing! 


So, if you ever find yourself a bit worried that what you want isn't what you need, you can relax.  It all works out in the end. 


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