Geoengineering experimentation NOT the first time

30 Mar 2017

(Above: screen shot of Television New Zealand weather report).


On 24 March 2017 “the Guardian" officially confirmed that geoengineering scientists are soon to deploy in our atmosphere “the world’s biggest solar geoengineering programme to date”.


A few points to note that people should be SUPER disturbed about:


1. This isn’t in the realm of conspiracy theorist chemtrail/contrail rhetoric: this is scientific research (so arguably now, those chemtrail so-called ‘conspiracy theorists’ are vindicated).


2. The tenth United Nations Conference of Parties meeting to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) held 2010 in Japan, called on all Governments to: "Ensure…in the absence of science based, global, transparent and effective control and regulatory mechanisms for geo-engineering, and in accordance with the precautionary approach and Article 14 of the Convention, that no climate-related geo-engineering activities that may affect biodiversity take place, until there is an adequate scientific basis on which to justify such activities and appropriate consideration of the associated risks for the environment and biodiversity and associated social, economic and cultural impacts…"

The CBD reaffirmed its decision in December 2016.  So how are Governments even allowing this experiment to happen?


3. The statement that this is the world’s biggest such programme “to date” tells us that this activity has been happening (whether officially, or unofficially) for some time.  Just how long is debatable, but bear in mind that the powers that claim to be will have had to have been preparing for this (including conducting other experiments in our skies) for a significant period – these sorts of projects don’t just come together overnight, especially if they’re morally questionable and potentially unjustifiable (which, in terms of harmful effects to our natural life-support systems, the UN warns is very likely).


4. The Guardian article explains that this geoengineering programme is “to study the potential of a future tech-fix for global warming.” So, assuming this activity has been conducted for some time, the next question is what effect has geoengineering already had on our climate, and has that been factored into climate crisis modelling?  Because, if not, our climate forecasts could be way off base, putting a question mark on whether our mitigation and adaptation efforts are actually on, or off, target.


5. And, finally, citizens concerned about geoengineering risks have for years called on our New Zealand environmental authorities to investigate. Their response?  To stubbornly continue to deny that geoengineering exists[*] anywhere on the planet, despite admitting they’ve not even investigated into the matter. How insane can you get?


This kind of bureaucratic arrogant wilful blindness seriously undermines public trust – not just in the very authorities which are meant to be protecting public health and our environment, but our Government itself.  It’s an absolutely alarming indicator of the beginnings of a profound failure of national governance which socio and geo-political commentators like the World Economic Forum have warned about.


I would urge citizens to start demanding answers and transparency from your elected representatives.


(This blog has since featured in two letters to the editor: one in the Northland Age, 6 April 2017, and the other in the Northern Advocate, 10 April 2017).


[*] On 16 April 2018, Malcolm Scott (Graduate Researcher – Health Sciences; Christchurch), alerted Ministers of the New Zealand Government about the misinformation being perpetrated by the Ministry for the Environment, and requested information on steps taken to establish a regulatory framework for the monitoring and governance of atmospheric geoengineering in New Zealand.  This follows from a briefing paper he produced on the subject in 2016.  On 19 July 2018, Scott sent an information request to Graeme Harris, the Chief Executive and Director of Civil Aviation (cc'd to Phil Twyford, Minister of Transport), concerning modifications to Air New Zealand A320 aircraft, ostensibly to facilitate aerosol spraying operations. Stay tuned here for updates.























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