17 Jan 2019

More and more often, we’re being called to reflect on whether the brutal truth is more helpful or harmful.

I appreciate credible data that helps triangulate truth. Extinction Rebellion, the Yellow Vests and all value-based movements need the truth as a matter of princ...

4 Jan 2018

An adapted version of a conversation I just had with a climate crisis policy colleague of mine:

There was this scene in The Matrix (my all-time favourite movie, due in part to ancient empowering philosophical messages deliberately built into the storyline) where the Ora...

23 Dec 2017

Today in Pawarenga, I had the privilege of attending a dual event: the birthdays of two kaumātua (elders) in their 90’s, and the unveiling of the headstone of one of my treasured mentors and esteemed wahine rangatira (female leaders), Gloria Areruia Herbert.

It was a wo...

8 Sep 2017

Justice Joe Williams gave a compelling address recently on the Treaty of Waitangi and whānau, hapū and iwi wellbeing.

Among the many tikanga Māori (Māori tradition and lore) subjects he touched on, one resonated especially with me in the context of Aotearoa’s political...

22 Jul 2017

It’s beyond disturbing, in this day and Age, to still see so much ignorance and intolerance regarding what a fairly “unified” Aotearoa New Zealand should look like. 

How it is that so many continue to stubbornly tirade the outrageously archaic and arrogant belief that “...

5 Jun 2017

At the unveiling of a headstone of one of our tūpuna rangatira (ancestral leaders) recently, I was in conversation with whanaunga (relatives) of mine about what it takes for our Ngāti Kuri women – and people generally - to create transformative legacy. 

That conversatio...

16 Apr 2017

In this highly competitive world, many worry about getting that higher education that will give us that extra edge in life.  Of course, quality education has great value (what’s “quality” is a subject for another blog!), but are institutional credentials really that es...

11 Apr 2017

At some level, everyone desires it – success!: whether you’re an individual, a sports team, a business or even an entire country.  But how do we know when we’ve ‘arrived’?  More importantly, as essential data for developing an effective action plan to achieve our goals...

11 Apr 2017


The other day, I received a call from a colleague. It was during the week around 9:30am, and I was still in bed.

“Kia ora!” I answered, with a slightly raspy voice (in our mother tongue for “hello!”). 

“Are you just getting up?!” my...

10 Apr 2017

Requests to the Universe often produce peculiar results!

How many times is what we THINK we need what we ACTUALLY need, for our highest good?

Take me for example: until some years back, I practiced tarot card readings.  It was very fulfilling, but pretty low-key: I’d...

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17 Jan 2019

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