Traditional Māori culture, like most indigenous cultures, contains a wealth of deep wisdom that is relevant and useful in this challenging Anthropocene Age. Watch this space as I share some of the more well-known traditional wisdom learned and practiced by my Māori peoples in our communities.



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From Trade to Climate - Stepping into our power in an uncertain world

January 15, 2019

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​​Puaki tā moko exhibition 2018

See unique portraits and personal video interviews of 23 Māori who have tā moko (traditional Māori art form of skin inking). The photographer, Michael Bradley, creates one image using a near-obsolete wet-plate photographic technique which appears to make the tā moko "disappear", and creates the other using contemporary digital photography.  Scroll through the video interviews to find yours truly!

Karaitiana Taiuru: future thinking on issues like online and digital Māori rights/ representation, data sovereignty/digital colonialism, te reo Māori revitalisation using digital technology, cultural appropriation and Mātauranga Māori.


​Maori Bodywork & Injury Specialist

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Tune in to Auckland FM radio 104.6 for my Green Planet FM interview (28 September 2017) about Maori cosmology and how a deeper understanding of its key concepts can help with civilization's conscious awakening. Probably the start of an ongoing! 💚

December 1, 2017

Above: Catherine's power-point slide for her presentation to the E-Mission Possible Roundtable.

On 29 November 2017, the first “E-Mission Possible” half day Roundtable was held in Wellington.

Hosted by Motu NZ in collaboration with the New Zealand Productivity Commissio...

June 5, 2017

At the unveiling of a headstone of one of our tūpuna rangatira (ancestral leaders) recently, I was in conversation with whanaunga (relatives) of mine about what it takes for our Ngāti Kuri women – and people generally - to create transformative legacy. 

That conversatio...

April 15, 2017

The haka is a staple part of Māori culture and many different haka are performed not just on the sports 'battlefield' but on all occasions - at weddings, for royalty, and even flash mobs all around the world out in the streets and up and down escalators! 

Probably the...

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