30 Jun 2019

On June 27, Whangārei residents (led by local group Extinction Rebellion) were the latest to publicly address a meeting of their District Council and make an impassioned call to declare a climate emergency.

Affected citizens are optimistic that in the near future their ongoing lobbying will see WDC agree to adopt the declaration.

Systemic transformation vs change ‘lite’

In the meantime, the public WDC meeting also provided valuab...

23 Mar 2019

It was with mixed feelings that I attended the public seminar this week by Professor Myles Allen, a Coordinating Lead Author on the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC’s) 2018 Special Report on 1.5°C.  The intention of Professor Allen’s talk was to provoke thought on how New Zealand could be world-leading in the fossil fuel extraction and industrial agricultural sectors when it came to achieving net zero greenhou...

17 Jan 2019

More and more often, we’re being called to reflect on whether the brutal truth is more helpful or harmful.

I appreciate credible data that helps triangulate truth. Extinction Rebellion, the Yellow Vests and all value-based movements need the truth as a matter of principle. It's years of ignoring the truth that got us into this mess of converging crises in the first place. Taking meaningful action is premised on being as fully...

15 Jan 2019


A recent Truthout article, titled “Free Trade” Is Today’s Imperialism by the 1 Percent" (13 January 2019), rightly provokes us to consider that so-called 'free trade' deals should be called "Free (for the Global North) Trade deals", or "Free (for the multinationals and 1% oligarchs) Trade deals". Correspondingly, they could also be called "Slave (for the Global South) Trade deals", or "Sla...

18 Nov 2018

I was talking about the newly formed Extinction Rebellion campaign last night with a colleague.  We got to discussing how Aotearoa/ New Zealand citizens need to urgently join that movement, including pressuring NGOs to join with us - including iwi (Māori peoples' authorities). We are of course grateful for the good work that many NGOs do. But it's been a known fact for a long time now that many social justice and environmental...

18 Oct 2018

Appreciation for the good intentions of the rich and influential. But Elon Musk's latest move is yet another example of how their ignorance will none the less still accelerate humanity's demise. Why?

Musk's proposition is to remedy complex problems (e.g. unprecedented concentration of wealth in the hands of a few while the rest have little or none for the necessities to live at all, let alone live with dignity) with more comple...

18 Oct 2018

I just returned yesterday from a three-day United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change-related indigenous peoples and ‘friendly’ States’ climate crisis mitigation/ adaptation meeting in the Plurinational State of Bolivia. 

Numerous important topics were hotly discussed and debated (the State representatives present mostly reserved comment on the more ‘controversial’ / radical items instigated by the indigenous repres...

2 Aug 2018

The past couple of months has been a busy time for raising awareness and action on serious food security and sovereignty issues.

In late May, recipients of the Te Tai Tokerau Primary Health Organisation’s Kai Ora Fund came together to share their successes and lessons around increasing whānau (family) access to affordable and healthy food. 

In early June the Te Tai Tokerau Climate Change Conference brought together a range of ex...

1 Aug 2018

People, we need to exercise our Sovereignty, and take our country, and our World, back. This requires us to take more BOLD and STRATEGIC collaborative action in whatever way we can with other like-minded folks in that kaupapa, that movement, that campaign (whatever you want to call it).  Here’s what you do (don’t intellectualize it too much with your brain-mind, because the false Ego will talk you out of it – instead listen to...

25 Jul 2018

I was in a discussion with colleagues the other day. Generally speaking, the topic was what should our NGO’s key messages be to help mobilize positively transformative climate change action.

The conversation was centred around the Drawdown project’s list of Greenhouse Gas (GHG)-reducing action, with a focus on agriculture, food production and land management.  Eventually, the subject morphed into what the NGO’s position ought t...

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