Into meditating?


Mantras are great for focusing the mind, visualizing an outcome you desire and amplifying positive feelings that energize the manifesting process. 

Here's some mantras I regularly use (based on Bob Proctor's format).  Give them a go for a couple of weeks - or design and use your own - and notice what happens.

I Am so happy and grateful now that...

...I Am deeply and powerfully connected to God's infinite love and wisdom, so that I'm optimizing my vibration for a blissful life, joyfully in service for the highest good of all.


I Am so happy and grateful now that...

...Government, the media, business and industry, and all others with decision-making influence in society, are responding meaningfully to the powerful mobilization and forceful demands of The People, to protect what we value.

I Am so happy and grateful now that...

...I Am financially free, attracting wellbeing and abundance to me in increasing amounts, from my online platforms and multiple other sources of income, on a continuous basis.

Ever felt stuck??


Ask an empowering question to get some helpful answers.

Here's some great questions suggested by Michael Beckwith.

Feel it's time to set things right with others - or yourself?


Ho'oponopno (meaning to make right; to put in order; or correct) is a healing practice that originates from Hawai'i.  In modern times, it received wider recognition through Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len's success using the practice to 'cure' mentally ill patients.

The video opposite is one practitioner's advice on how it works (his pronunciation of the name isn't the best, but the rest is easy to follow).

Interested in other Self-Help modalities?


Cell Biologist Dr Bruce Lipton has a website with a comprehensive list of useful methods people can use - why not test them out and see what works for you?


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