Interviews and videos are another great format because, let's face it - not everyone's into reading these days. You don't have to be flash about it - and these day's it's even easier: all you need is an android device, and you're away!  Just be yourself and have fun! Here's some interviews and videos I've done over the years.   :)

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Testing the Auditor-General's Office on Citizens' Water concerns

18 Jul 2018

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Here's some ideas for community action I've been involved in - maybe it might  give you some ideas of action you can take to empower your community to be more resilient and engaged in important issues of our day!  


Letters to the Editor of your local paper are great for connecting with a wide audience on important issues.  Why not give it a go?  Here's some examples which I've gotten published.  :)

Active participation in civics is critical to a strong democracy. Aotearoa achieved an historic election result this year with the Labour-Green-New Zealand First coalition Government!  But that's just the start! Ensure you're enrolled to vote in the 2020  election, and continue to actively keep your elected officials accountable to their word over the next  three years in office!  :)

Active participation in independent social and environmental justice groups is also vital to protecting what we value in Aotearoa.  There are  a variety  of such non-governmental  organizations at both community and national level, and they rely on 'crowd-funded'  support and mobilization to force much-needed change in society.  Just pick one that aligns with your values and aspirations for your community and your country, and get active!   :)

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