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As water restrictions are enforced, is the tap running dry for politicians' social license as well?

16 Feb 2020

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Puaki tā moko exhibition 2018
See unique portraits and personal video interviews of 23 Māori who have tā moko (traditional Māori art form of skin inking). The photographer, Michael Bradley, creates one image using a near-obsolete wet-plate photographic technique which appears to make the tā moko "disappear", and creates the other using contemporary digital photography.  Scroll through the video interviews to find yours truly!

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The 'kaupapa' (purpose) of this website is to share knowledge and wisdom that expands the collective consciousness, and contributes to the empowerment of people everywhere to be happy and free. 


This kaupapa is underpinned by my desire to progressively realize my own personal happiness and freedom.  But, as often said, one cannot be truly happy and free unless ALL are happy and free - so, I guess this will be an ever-evolving journey rather than a destination.


Happiness and freedom derives in large part from one's power and ability to act, and that in turn is strongly correlated to how much knowledge and wisdom one has access to - whether such knowledge and wisdom is internally or externally sourced.  It's often said that "knowledge is power".  But, from my experience, that's not quite true.  The larger truth is ACTING on knowledge - that's where true power lies.  So if you come across some information here that empowers you in any large or small way - please act on it!  And please share it around with those you love.  :)

Ngā mihi/ regards,                  


Catherine (Bl/B.Soc.Sci, LLM) hails from the two Māori peoples of Ngāti Kuri and Te Rarawa whose traditional territories are located in the Far North of the North Island of Aotearoa, New Zealand.  Married with one son, she has a strong passion for indigenous human rights, environmental protection and lifelong education.

In the mid 90's she worked as a Government Policy Analyst and as a solicitor in Wellington. Since 2000, she project managed her Te Rarawa peoples' historical Treaty claims settlement negotiations with the Crown, and later became a negotiator herself for her Ngāti Kuri peoples' settlement negotiations - both settlements of which were legislated in 2015.

In 2005 Catherine was awarded the United Nations Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights Indigenous Fellowship representing the Pacific (see our  Fellows' report here), and from that date has from time to time represented her peoples in different UN work and forums (since August 2018 she has held the position of International Indigenous  People's  Forum on Climate Change Global Steering Group Pacific representative).  For several years up until April 2018, Catherine was an iwi advisor on three technical working groups (regarding climate change, constitutional transformation and the Monitoring Mechanism for the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples) affiliated with the National Iwi Chairs Forum. She has held several trustee positions for her peoples' governing boards and local schools, and in July 2018 Catherine became a Trustee of Climate Change Taitokerau Northland Trust. In July 2019 Catherine completed 17 months as Aotearoa Water Action Incorporated's Co-Convenor.  She is currently a business tutor at Tai Tokerau Wānanga/ NorthTec

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